Daily Mine Launches Cloud Mining Service Platform

Daily Mines is an online cloud mining service platform. Members rent out hash power in exchange for being rewarded with cryptocurrency. September ninth marks a very special day for everyone at Daily Mines, it’s the day our services go live.

We are a UK-based company, Daily Mines Ltd. Since its inception, the company has focused on mining cryptocurrencies. The company has launched a cloud mining service in hopes of attracting private investment. This will ensure the stability of our company and allow us to include smaller mining pools further down the road.

Introduction to Mining

Mining over the years has become a booming industry. If you had to start mining today, you’d have to splurge a fortune just to be on par with the competition. Solving blocks is a race as much as it is important to the blockchain ecosystem. A few might say it’s worth it for earning tokens, but there’s a smart way around it.

Throughout recent years, technological advancements have brought forth multiple ways to mine. Most have become irrelevant already because of the fast-growing nature of the industry. Basically, you snooze, you lose. 

From mining on low-end CPUs to Mining farms that host hundreds of setups to environmentally conscious mining. The mining game has seen a lot of changes and miners need to adapt to stick with it. 

Introduction to Daily Mines

Introducing Daily Mines cloud mining services. Forget about owning rigs worth thousands of dollars, overheating your house, and loud whirring noises of cooling fans. We take care of all that, while you earn the cryptocurrency.

Daily Mines is a multi-algorithm, multi-token cloud mining platform. You rent hash power based on which we mine for you, while you receive the reward. Once signed up, members can pick from four different contracts to start mining. Each contract has a specific hash rate which will determine the reward you will yield.

Furthermore, Daily Mines provides additional ways of earning. The affiliate program allows our members to earn passive income by simply marketing the platform to other people. 

We have practical goals at Daily Mines Ltd. We enable our investors to earn dividends, which increases the demand for cryptocurrency and, thus, its rate. In turn, mining companies’ income increases as their assets increase. 


As cryptocurrency rates rise, so do we and our users. The cloud mining service we offer uses the latest technology to provide multi-algorithm, multi-token mining. It is our mission to make cryptocurrency mining easy, smart, and rewarding for everyone.

Begin your miners’ journey today with us. Sign up for a premium launch bonus discount on your first contract. Make sure to follow us on our social media channels to keep up with all the new buzz. 

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